No-code/low-code platform
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Saasufy stands for simplicity. Building applications should be as simple as plugging in appliances. Saasufy lets you build components and applications that are backed by powerful data stores called models; these models can be easily created and managed through the control panel to give you full control over your data.

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Saasufy provides you with flexible general-purpose components that you can simply copy-paste into your web page and which connect and sync directly with your data stores. These components work with any kind of web page, front end framework or website builder (provided that it supports custom scripts).

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For each data store, you can specify how data is collected from your users and how it can be displayed via access control rules. A data store can hold essentially any kind of data; you define the schema (the shape of your data), you define the access control rules and Saasufy handles the rest.

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